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Welcome to the website of the Stauffer lab at the University of Pittsburgh.

Welcome to the Stauffer lab at the

University of Pittsburgh.

How do we estimate uncertainty? How do we deliberate? How do emotions influence deliberation? What functional roles to cell types and circuits play in these operations? In short, how do we think about what we want?

Answering these and other critical questions will provide insights into the most fundamental questions in neuroscience: what are the neural bases of thinking and natural intelligence?

As of Sept 2023: We are recruiting lab members at all levels. Potential graduate students should apply directly to the CNUP, but are welcome to contact Bill to discuss opportunities.


Potential postdocs or research scientists in neuroscience and/or molecular biology should contact Bill directly

Recent Publications

Computational complexity drives sustained deliberation

Hong, T., Stauffer, WR. Nature Neuroscience April 2023

Rare rewards amplify dopamine responses

Rothenhoeffer, K., Hong, T., Alikaya, A. Stauffer, WR. Nature Neuroscience April 2021


Screen Shot 2023-05-10 at 1.38.06 PM.png


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Circuits, Cell Types, and AAVs

We are dedicated to cultivating a diverse lab environment, and do not discriminate based on race or ethnicity, immigration status, sexuality or gender identity, socio-economic, or disability status.

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